WallBee was founded back in 2013.

Today we are 22 highly skilled employees, placed at our offices in Denmark and Nepal.

About us

First, we want to thank you very much for showing an interest in WallBee’s Booking & Delivery Management System.

We develop unique & powerful SaaS based Booking & delivery systems, specially designed to Logistics Providers i.e. Courier-, Parcel-, Postal- and Freight Forwarding Companies.

With interface to the major Express-, Parcel-, Postal Companies and Web-shops, we offer everything from simple Booking Platforms to more comprehensive Booking solutions, giving you and your clients access to multiple carriers and services in one system.

By focusing on the door-door segment, WallBee give you easy and unlimited access to the fast-growing market within the Parcel, Express, Postal and Distribution segment. At the same time, you avoid dilution and gain the opportunity of additional revenue from your existing customer base.

The WallBee Booking / Delivery solution is showing multiple transport modes, best price practice and transit times on all services. Pickup management tool, an intuitive customer service tool, automatic reconciliation of carrier/vendor invoices, invoice creation to your clients, Dashboards etc., are just some of the unique features covered by our solution.

The system is scalable giving you the opportunity to operate in multiple countries, connecting multiple branches and setup unlimited numbers of clients. This will give you full overview and transparency. With an automated digital flow/process you will have far less administration, increased productivity and substantial savings in manpower.

Our system allows you to manage and control the system yourself, and you will get all the flexibility you need. The system will support integration to internal and external systems, enabling you to manage your business processes in a very effective and productive way.

The WallBee system is a white label solution and will be designed according to your corporate profile.

We hope that you find this interesting. For more information, references or a live demonstration, please get in contact with info@wallbee.com or phone: +45 53 531 531

We look forward to hearing from you.

Management / Partners

Jesper Schwalbe

CEO responsible IT Development

E-mail: jsc@wallbee.com
Phone: +45 28 26 01 07

Henrik Schwarz

COO responsible for Operations and Customer support
E-mail: hsc@wallbee.com
Phone: +45 20 96 78 96

Vera Jóhanna Frost

Delivery Specialist

E-mail: vjf@wallbee.dk

Camilla Smith Nunes

Onboarding Specialist
E-mail: csn@wallbee.dk

Production Team

We have our own production team consisting of Programmers, Project leaders, Graphic Designer, supporters, Testers

Development Team

Surendra Pd. Suwal

Lead/Sr. Software Developer

Binesh Dongol

Software Developer

Kristal Manandhar

Software Developer

Ganga Chhawa

Software Developer

Bipin Dhakal

Software Developer

Shreejan Pakwan

Software Developer

Rohit Sainju

Software Developer

Akash Gc

Software Developer

Rojan Joshi

Software Developer

Sanjeev Prajapati

UI/UX Developer

Quality assurance team – QA

Sagar tamang

QA Engineer

Management and administration

Krishna Shilpakar

Administrative Manager

Shishir Acharya

Finance Manager

Kamal Bhandari

Account Assistant

Niru Maharjan

Office Assistant

Ram Kumari Purbachhane

Office Assistant