What’s in it for you?

<5 style="color: #444444">Digitize and control your incoming booking dataReceive and share your booking data electronically
<5 style="color: #444444">Broaden your product portfolio - New BizzGrow your Business – get your share of the fast-growing Courier, Express and Parcel segment
<5 style="color: #444444">Fast Return of investmentReturn of investment within 5-12 months.
<5 style="color: #444444">Get your own Branded Booking Platform Enabling you to receive bookings or booking requests from your clients
<5 style="color: #444444">AutomationAutomate all processes from Booking to final invoicing of your clients
<5 style="color: #444444">Customer Service ExcellenceProvide excellent and proactive customer service to your clients
<5 style="color: ">Get access to multiple carriers in one system onlyManage your Carrier/Vendor agreements effectively
<5 style="color: #444444">SavingsContinuous improvements and cost savings
<5 style="color: #444444">VisibilityProvide full visibility and Track & Trace across the entire transport chain

Scale the system according to your needs

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WallBee Automate

<6 style="color: #444444">Shipment CreationSee price options – see exact transit times – book shipments (export, import, cross trade and domestic)
<6 style="color: #444444">Carriers/VendorsAccess to multiple carriers i.e. all Integrators, general Postal, Parcel and Pallet services (B2B & B2C)
<6 style="color: #444444">Labels / AWB / WaybillsCreate final- and last mile labels/AWB/Waybills – commercial invoices – and add documentation to shipments
<6 style="color: #444444">Address book administrationIntelligent address book – up/down load address book
<6 style="color: #444444">Customer administration Create Customers – Link your Customer to a Branch – Customize booking screen etc.
<6 style="color: #444444"> Fee administrationCreate fee’s – and present all in prices to your clients

WallBee Operate

<6 style="color: #444444">Customer Service moduleTraffic light overview – Automatic Track & Track update – Notifications – Claim handling
<6 style="color: #444444">Pickup management moduleOrder pickup – Manage pickups automatically for your customer – Latest booking time – latest pickup time etc.
<6 style="color: #444444">Product/Carrier management Create and manage your own sales and transport products
<6 style="color: #444444">Routing/Service managementRouting management in zones or down to zip code level per country – volumetric factors etc.
<6 style="color: #444444">Cost/Sales priceUpload cost/sales prices
<6 style="color: #444444">Special servicesDangerous goods, Dry Ice, Collect shipments

WallBee Administrate

<6 style="color: #444444">Cost management / Cost controlMatch carrier invoices against expected cost – Automatic approval of carrier invoices
<6 style="color: #444444">Client invoicingPrepare invoices or invoice specifications for clients
<6 style="color: #444444">Pricing tool Pricing tool – Create, maintain and correct sales prices to your clients
<6 style="color: #444444">Instant Business overview Finance and Performance Dashboards
<6 style="color: #444444">Reports and Statistics Create your own reports and statistics

WallBee Integrate

<6 style="color: ">API integrationWith API interfaces we connect to external systems
<6 style="color: #444444">Accounting/Operational systemsIntegrate your ERP / Accounting system and transfer billing information automatically
<6 style="color: #444444">WarehouseIntegrate your WMS and print labels/AWB’s automatically
<6 style="color: #444444">Web-shopsIntegrate various Web-shops
<6 style="color: #444444">Data ConnectionAccess to data for shipments booked outside your booking system

The best Booking and Transport Management System in the market for Express and Parcel service. The system is very flexible and can easily be customized to support the client’s needs

Jim Hildebrandt
Express Manager at Leman

The WallBee system helped us to broaden our product portfolio. Parcel, Express and Distribution services are now the fastest growing product area in our company.

Vibeke Baadsgaard
Logistics Coordinator at Seko Logistics
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